Orange Juice

(Pineapple, Grapefruit, Apple, Tomato or Cranberry – on request)
Selection of Yoghurts
Fresh Fruit Salad of the Day
Fruit Basket
Variety of Cereals to choose
Porage made fresh on request

Dunlaw “Scottish Breakfast”
(which is – Fried Egg,Grilled Bacon,Sausage,Black Pudding,Haggis,
Tomato, Mushrooms and Baked Beans)
Anything separately from the above
Scrambled –or- Poached –or- Boiled Eggs
Scrambled with Smoked Salmon
Local Fresh Arbroath Smokie
Loch Fyne Kipper
Herring in Oatmeal (in season)
(Note - Fish when available - to be ordered in advance)

Special dietary requirements can be made available.

Coffee, Tea, Decaffeinated Coffee,
Herbal Teas or Hot Chocolate

Brown or White Bread or Toast

Ryvita or Oatcakes

Marmalade, Various Jams (all home made), Honey