All accomodation comes complete with full Scottish breakfast. Discounts are available for groups or long term stay.


Small conference facilities are available.

  • Single standard £40.00
  • Single en-suite £50.00
  • Single deluxe room £60.00
  • Twin / Double standard £60.00
  • Twin / Double en-suite £70.00
  • Deluxe Double en-suite £80.00
  • Studio (suite with two rooms) from £70.00

Residents Menu:

  • 1 course meal from £12.50031
  • 2 course meal from £16.50
  • 3 course meal from £21.00
  • A la carte choice menu from £22.50
  • 10oz sirloin steak £18.50
  • 8oz fillet steak (by request) £21.50

  • Coffee/Tea in lounge £4.50
  • Sandwiches £4.50

Aberdeen Angus sirloin or fillet steak a speciality!



Terms & Conditions

To secure a booking with us, we require a credit card number

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or card

Cancellation policy of the hotel for individuals is 48 hours prior to booking date

Cancellation for group/multiple bookings and extended stays will be by arrangement and a deposit or prepayment may be required at time of booking

If you would like dinner on your first night, please advise upon booking

Hope you can understand all this – we are only a phone call away !!

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Home Page

Take out 4 small photos

and replace with 2 vertical photos of front door and stairway

from disc – 156 and 107





About Us

As suggested in last email – patio photo rhs bottom of page wrapped by text

DSCN 2147   OR  new one just sent to you looking up patio



The Area   OK




Did you know

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Gallery page


Use here ONLY photos that are already used about the pages




Our location


Big photo out of patio

and  the “Sunset”

and River view  with “Disxcovery”  100.0664.jpg




Tariffs page


Think there is room to the rhs of the tariff to put

Room 3 picture  -  082

and Dining room picture  - 031






Delux ensuite -  photos    135  and  112

Double (note Double!!)  room  -  071

Welcome tray in all rooms  -  238

Twin rooms  -  099  and 251

Standard twin and single rooms (note alter !!!)   - 170  and 157

Studio  -  206 and 230






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The pictures I  want to use here are 

Dining room  - 022  and Buffet table  -  009






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Contact us


Add -     Contact – Douglas or Barbara

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Douglas and Barbara – 285   and  D&B table  - 046






Should have a few photos and have found 6 all horizontal – set out like this please


View over River                            Bar                            Garden

Tay Bridge in it                             003                            0623



Garden                                         Room 6                      Golf

0615 OR 2206                              Twin Standard            1517

(your choice)                                DSCN 2192


In this shape and order – they are all from original photos except bar one which is on disc





Do hope you understand all these and  hope this will be just about it

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